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Akers Biosciences, Inc.

Delivering Real Time Results

Reducing the cost of healthcare through faster, easier diagnostics

Rule Out HIT in 10 Minutes

Dramatic clinical and economic value through innovative Heparin PF4 Antibody Rapid Testing

Akers Wellness ™ Helping You Live Healthier

Innovative devices that provide personal health information to Improve Your Health, One Breath at a Time

Blow Your BAC Before you Go!

Fast, Accurate and Portable breath tests for blood alcohol levels – perfect for industrial safety, personal, or promotional use

Cost Savings for Your Hospital

Rapid PF4 Antibody Results = Significant Savings Opportunity for YOUR Hospital!

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New, Rapid Breath Test for Oxidative Stress can:

  • Reinforce your antioxidant recommendations
  • Provide incremental practice revenue
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