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Company Overview

akers bio TM

Dedicated to accelerating diagnostic science to deliver real-time results

Akers Biosciences, Inc. (aka Akers Bio) was founded in 1989, with the objective of developing proprietary, in vitro diagnostic technologies that accelerate the rate at which clinicians, and in some cases consumers, can obtain health information. The tests and sample preparation devices that emerge from our rapid technology platforms are designed to provide the same level of accuracy as traditional laboratory testing methods, but at a fraction of the cost and turn-around time.

Now known as Akers Bio, we are dedicated to the development of time- and cost-efficient, single-use devices that can be utilized almost anytime, anywhere. We believe that our products facilitate more convenient and frequent point-of-care testing, which may ultimately save or improve the overall quality of individuals’ lives.

Our Products

Clinical Diagnostics: Our rapid diagnostic tests, specifically designed for medical clinicians:

  • help facilitate or rule-out diagnoses and provide a pathway for real-time treatment decisions
  • provide affordable mass screening solutions for key infectious diseases, cardiac conditions and metabolic markers, without the use of expensive equipment or lengthy test procedures

Safety Diagnostics: Our safety products improve the ability of individuals, corporations, and law enforcement agencies to monitor the presence of substances within the human body that may adversely impact the ability to safely perform tasks such as driving or operating machinery. Our products facilitate testing on a more consistent or frequent basis because they are simple to perform, inexpensive and provide rapid results.

Wellness Products: The personal use products within our Akers Wellness™ line enable individuals to monitor their health and wellness with the help of easy-to-perform, non-invasive methods, such as simple breath tests.

Akers Bio is located in West Deptford, New Jersey, USA.

We are proud to employ a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 13485.

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