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Investor Story

Akers Bio’s business is positioned at the forefront of a major drive in global healthcare to reduce costs, accelerate diagnoses and deliver health information directly to users.

Akers Bio is transforming traditional healthcare testing through the introduction of cutting edge technologies which replace existing procedures with quicker, easier tests that facilitate faster health decision-making.

Our disruptive new testing technologies can save hundreds of thousands – to millions – of dollars for many organizations through faster screening, while at the same time improving the quality of patient care.

Some of our tests are designed to deliver rapid information directly to the user about his or her own health and wellness via a simple breath test, enabling them to take greater control over their personal wellbeing, and even allowing users to monitor trends in their health via their own mobile device, using Akers Bio’s innovative apps.

Utilizing our proprietary technologies, Akers Bio has a pipeline of new tests in development, designed to help manage some of the most prevalent and resource-intensive conditions including respiratory, infectious and cardiac diseases.

Akers Bio has a growing product portfolio, a growing sales and distribution capability, and is addressing a large and growing global market for rapid health information.