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Akers Wellness products

Tests currently available from Akers Wellness™

At Akers Bio, we believe that quicker, easier and more direct tools to test your own health is the key step to improving it. We’ve developed an expanding range of tests under the Akers Wellness™ line that enable clinicians and consumers to test, monitor and track aspects of their health over time. Several of our tests utilize patented technology to enable rapid testing using breath only. Additionally, some of our Akers Wellness™ tests connect directly to your Bluetooth-enabled iOS/Android reading device, enabling you to track your results via our BreathScan™ mobile app.

BreathScan Lync® reader

Optical scanning device that reads and interprets breath test data from the BreathScan® line of innovative, rapid breath tests, and delivers results directly to your iOS/Android device via the free BreathScan™ mobile app

BreathScan Lync® reader
Nutritional Ketosis

Rapid breath tests for both Qualitative and Quantitative (used in conjunction with the BreathScan Lync® reader) analysis of nutritional ketosis

Nutritional Ketosis – Quantitative Nutritional Ketosis – Qualitative
Oxidative Stress / Free Radicals

Rapid breath test that enables easy determination of oxidative stress (used in conjunction with the BreathScan Lync® reader)

Oxidative Stress / Free Radicals

Rapid finger stick blood test for Total and HDL cholesterol and approximate LDL


Note: general wellness products do not require FDA clearance. The intended use statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.