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BreathScan Lync Reader

BreathScan Lync™ reader device

The BreathScan Lync® reader is an optical scanning device that reads and interprets breath test data from the BreathScan® line of innovative, rapid breath tests, which currently consists of the OxiChek Rapid Breath Test for Oxidative Stress / Free Radicals, and the KetoChek Rapid Breath Test for Nutritional Ketosis. The BreathScan Lync reader delivers the results directly to your iOS/Android device via the free BreathScan mobile app.

  • Reads, analyses and provides results from breath tests in seconds!
  • Provides accurate, quantified results using an advanced optical reader
  • Data tracked and graphed so you can monitor your clients’ health data over time, in response to diet, exercise, nutritional supplementation and/or other regimens
  • Bluetooth-enabled device syncs with your iOS or Android-based mobile device using the free BreathScan™ App
  • Create multiple user accounts to test and monitor all of your clients’ health data separately!

Increase Your Practice’s Revenue with BreathScan™ Tests!

  1. Support and enhance existing nutritional supplement revenue by performing baseline and ongoing measurement of oxidative stress / nutritional ketosis for your clients
  2. Realize new revenue directly from in-office testing for Oxidative Stress and/or Nutritional Ketosis
  3. Add incremental revenue from in-office resell opportunity: Stock and sell the BreathScan™ test line to clients for at-home use

Examples of Easy-to-Read Test Results (via free BreathScan™ mobile app)

User-friendly Home Screen to Quickly Initiate Tests:

(Fictional client, does not represent real person)


OxiChek™ Breath Test for oxidative stress / free radicals:

(Example data for illustration purposes only)


KetoChek™ Breath Ketone Test for nutritional ketosis:

(Example data for illustration purposes only)


  • Provides accurate, quantitative results your mobile device
    • Ketones: displayed in equivalent mmol/liter from 0.0 to 1.5
    • Oxidative stress: displayed as a proprietary score (0 to 1,000), with lower being better.
  • Data sent to paired mobile device via Bluetooth®
  • Data tracked and graphed so you can monitor health data over time, in response to diet, exercise, nutritional supplement and/or other regimens
  • Battery powered
  • Requires iOS (Apple) or Android tablet or mobile device with internet connection, and with the free BreathScan™ app downloaded and installed (Note: optimized for iPads and Android-based tablets)

Pricing and How to Buy

To purchase BreathScan Lync™ and OxiChek™ or KetoChek™ test cartridges, contact Akers Wellness or call 1 (856) 848-8698.