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In Development: Rapid Breath Test for Asthma


A single-use, non-invasive device to rapidly screen for asthma, this developmental test will provide results in minutes using patented MPC® Biosensor Technology. The breath test can be performed in almost any setting. If approved, the device may help diagnose or rule-out asthma earlier, particularly for patients in areas of the world with less healthcare infrastructure or access to the health system due to geographic or economic barriers.

No capital equipment or specialized training is required.

Distributors: This product is not currently approved or available. Contact Akers Bio to discuss potential distribution opportunities globally (if approved).


  • Based on patented Micro Particle Catalyzed (MPC®) Biosensor technology
  • MPC® Biosensor Technology is an exciting development in biomedical science that rapidly determines biomarkers in breath condensate using newly-discovered catalytic agents and microparticles

Note: This test is currently in development