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In Development: Rapid Assay for Chlamydia


  • Serum or Whole Blood-based test using patented PIFA® technology (Particle ImmunoFiltration Assay)
  • Targeted use case is to provide rapid (< 10 minutes) diagnostic results to allow in-office, same-visit diagnosis and treatment initiation for chlamydia infections

About Chlamydia

Chlamydia is the most commonly reported sexually transmitted disease in the U.S. Unfortunately, chlamydia infections often have no symptoms in women. Fewer than half of sexually active women are screened for chlamydia. The infections are easily cured, but dangerous if not treated.

An important complication of successful diagnosis and treatment is that chlamydia test results are typically not provided until several days after the patient visit. Since diagnosis and treatment do not occur during the same patient appointment, and because the infection is often asymptomatic, many patients are lost to followup. This is a risk not only to the patient, but to subsequent sexual partners of the patient.

One way to successfully treat the infection early and more frequently would theoretically be to diagnose infected patients and initiate therapy during the same appointment as the test sample is taken.

In the U.S., female testing for chlamydia is generally covered by the Affordable Care Act.

Important Note: PIFA Chlamydia™ is not approved or available at this time.