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Micro Particle Catalyzed (MPC®) Biosensor

MPC® Biosensor Technology is an exciting development in biomedical science that rapidly determines biomarkers in breath condensate using newly-discovered catalytic agents and microparticles.

How It Works

Advanced materials science provides the foundation of MPC® Biosensor Technology. The reactive microparticles contained in an MPC® Biosensor product are coated with specialized catalytic agents, and enhanced visual color contrast agents. These agents, along with the unique methods of application to the microparticles, are key to the system's reactivity. The reactive microparticles trap and form a complex with the biomarker in the breath condensate. This complex reacts with both the catalytic and color contrast agents to form a colored reaction mixture, the color of which is proportional to the amount of biomarker present in breath condensate, allowing qualitative and/or quantitative results. These breakthrough advances in material science technology and processes result in the improved properties in detection and sensitivity of MPC® Biosensor Technology as opposed to older breath analysis methods.

Key features of MPC® Biosensor technology make it advantageous for a broad array of uses:

  • Rapid reactivity/results – typically within 30 seconds
  • Non-invasiveness
  • OTC approval
  • Point-of-care compatibility
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to dispose

MPC® Biosensor technology is currently used in commercially available and/or developmental tests for:

Licensing Availability

MPC® Biosensor technology is available for licensing. To inquire about licensing or technical for inquiries, please contact us.

Patent Information

Akers Biosciences, Inc. holds patents related to MPC® Biosensor Technology.