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minDNA™ technology analyzes DNA within one minute to detect and count distinct cell types, such as white blood cells (WBC), neutrophils, specific pathogens, or chemical weapon agents.

How It Works

The technology enables the capture of samples using antibody affinity or size exclusion techniques. It uses disposable reagents and cassettes with finger-prick whole blood specimens, and the minDNAnalyzer, a digital handheld reflectance photometer, to read the resulting color, proportional to the amount of white blood cells caught by the membrane.

Key features of minDNA™ technology make it widely applicable:

  • Rapid cell identification and counting (the only rapid white blood cell identifier/counter on the market)
  • Results in approximately 1 minute
  • Suitable for Point-of-Care testing
  • Ease of use
  • Easy disposal

minDNA™ technology is currently used in commercially available and/or developmental tests for:

  • Monitoring side effects of certain psychiatric and oncological drugs
  • Blood supply safety
  • Identification of specific parasitic infections
  • Biowarfare agent detection
  • Detecting distinct cell types (specific pathogens or chemical weapon agents)

Licensing Availability

The minDNA™ technology is available for licensing. To inquire about licensing or for technical inquiries, please contact us.

Patent Information

Akers Biosciences, Inc. holds patents related to minDNA™ technology.