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seraSTAT® Rapid Blood Cell Separation

Akers Bio™ developed the seraSTAT® Rapid Blood Cell Separator as an unprecedented sample preparation aid to in vitro diagnostic testing systems. Within as little as 30 seconds, seraSTAT® provides rapid extraction of an exact, cell-free liquid sample of serum or plasma, from whole blood, serum, or an EDTA-plasma specimen.

How It Works

The seraSTAT® Rapid Blood Cell Separation device attracts and captures blood cells from a sample of whole blood by using a membrane impregnated with agents specially-formulated to bind to both red and white blood cells. The residual (cell-depleted) liquid continues to flow laterally to the tip of the membrane, where it can fill a fixed volume pipette or be inserted directly into a diagnostic preparation.

Whole blood collected with anti-coagulant generates a plasma-like fraction, while whole blood collected without an anti-coagulant generates a serum-like fraction.

Key features of seraSTAT® Rapid Blood Cell Separation technology make it a valuable sample preparation device for a wide array of diagnostic applications:

  • Rapid separation of blood cells: typically in 1 to 2 minutes
  • Facilitates point-of-care testing
  • Rapid pre-analytical sample preparation
  • Ease of use
  • Easy disposal
  • Only rapid blood cell separator on the market

The seraSTAT® Rapid Blood Cell Separation device is currently used in commercially available and/or developmental tests for: