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Synthetic Macrocycle Complex (SMC)

SMC™ technology determines levels of therapeutic drugs in blood using organic compounds and a handheld electronic reader.

How It Works

Novel organic macrocyclic compound(s) detect target drug levels through a lock-and-key mechanism. The target drug binds to the macrocyclic compound(s). Side groups in these compounds change confirmation and spectrum of optic absorbance, leading to a color change. This color change can then be read by the handheld reader, which determines the target drug’s concentration in the blood.

Potential Applications

There are many potential uses for SMC™ technology, based on:

  • Rapid Results: < 5 minutes
  • Provides quantitative reading
  • Accuracy rivaling current laboratory tests
  • CLIA-waived procedure
  • Ease of use
  • Can be used at Point of Care
  • Easy disposal

SMC™ technology is currently used in commercially available and/or developmental tests for monitoring lithium levels.

Licensing Availability

SMC™ technology is available for licensing. To inquire about licensing or for technical inquiries, please contact us.

Patent Information

Akers Biosciences, Inc. holds patents related to SMC™ technology.